We can only accept 25 participants for this challenge. It starts on Monday 11th MarchHurry to secure your place!
join the 7 day Core Strength Pilates challenge
Are you ready to discover what a week of Pilates can do to your core strength?
Starts on Monday 11th March!
your teacher - Sarah Vrancken
Developing my core strength through Pilates is the single best thing I have ever done. Huge statement I know! :)  
Just like you wouldn't get in a car without an engine that runs smoothly, I discovered my body couldn't function properly without a strong 'power-house'.  
From my teenage years, I've had loose abs, mild back pain and bad posture (hunched shoulders). 

Today, I've got a strong core and it means that as a 36 year old mum-of-two I feel better, more toned and stronger than I did in my teens and twenties.  
I've taught more than 850 hours of Pilates in the last 5 years - it's the BEST workout for your body!
During the 7 Day Core Strength Challenge - which is suitable for total Pilates beginners - I will teach you how to switch on your core muscles and build ah-mazing ab strength so that you can feel strong, toned and ready for what life throws at you (work, parenthood, maybe signing up for that half marathon you always wanted to do?).   

It would be lovely to have you join us next week!   

Can you make it?
“Pilates is the one workout that has completely changed my body & mindset – I absolutely love it! 

Over the years and via my YouTube channel, I have taught 100s of people the power of Pilates, helping them to become stronger, fitter, more toned and more flexible – all by going a little slower and working a little harder. 

It’s one of the most effective workouts to create a strong, balanced body while relaxing the mind – and get abs of steel!” 
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Pilates is no fad - it comes highly recommend by athletes, GPs and Physios, because it works! 
join our 7 day Core Strength challenge
Are you ready to discover what a week of Pilates can do to your core strength?
Starts on Monday 11th March!
Sign up to the 7 Day Core Strength Challenge and receive 3x Core Strength specific Pilates workouts, a personal one-to-one consultation with Sarah and access to our closed Facebook group for support.

On this challenge, we recommend you do an online workout every other day (at a time that suits you), which will be available on your personal account page on kalmpilates.com. You can do your workouts at ANY time during the week long challenge. 

After 7 days, there is the option to continue with the full 12 week Core Strength programme at a reduced price.
what's included?
3x Core Strength specific classes
You'll receive access to the kalmpilates.com website and have your own personal page from where you will be able to stream your 3x Core Strength videos at any time. We recommend doing 1 x workout every other day for best results.
Personal consultation
When you sign up, we will contact you to set up a personal consultation via skype, phone or messenger with your teacher, Sarah. We will discuss any questions you may have on Pilates and how to achieve your goals.
access to the closed fB group
You'll be invited to the Kalm Pilates closed Facebook group where we post interesting articles and videos, and where we can answer any question you may have. It will help you stay on track and enjoy the Challenge.
Learn how to master Pilates breathing
Pilates lateral breathing is one of the key secrets to getting a strong core. We will teach you how to master this powerful breath in two easy steps through a video tutorial.
Purchase full programme at  reduced price
If you enjoy the Core Strength challenge, then there is the option to progress to the full 12 week Core Strength programme at a discounted price (regular price is £49).
Only 25 places available!
There are only 25 places available for the Core Strength challenge, because I want to give you the same one-to-one attention and guidance I give to people who come to my physical classes.

This is an online Pilates programme with a personal touch - for that reason places are limited, so if you'd like to book, don't wait long as spaces tend to run out quickly!
We believe in
delivering on our promises

We work hard to deliver the best quality teaching, videos, customer service and website.

However, if you are not happy with any of our 7 Day Challenges or full 12 Week Programmes, we will give you your money back. Simple as that.

This is what people say about Kalm Pilates 
"Sarah - I am currently doing your back care programme... it is AMAZING - thank you! After having two little ones close together and a decade of back issues that have been aggravated by both pregnancies I am over the moon to have found such a wonderful programme that I can do from home. I am already noticing the difference and I am only halfway through! Thanks again x"
- Laura cannon, Bedford (UK)
"I’ve completed the 7 Day Pilates Challenge and can feel a difference already. My back feels less stiff, and I feel lighter all over - if that makes sense! My posture also seems better, my husband commented that I looked taller! 😊" 
- sarah jassal (UK)
"“I have just completed the 12 week Get to the Core programme and all I can say is ‘wow’, I am so pleased I decide to sign up and give it a go. 

Having never done Pilates before I was a bit dubious but I can honestly say I feel so much stronger and toned from following Sarah online. Some of the moves I have found challenging, but I will continue to work on those. I also feel more flexible and have noticed my posture has also improved.
Thank you Sarah for a very easy to follow programme.  If you’re in two minds whether to sign up or not, go for it I can honestly see the difference and feel so much better, both mentally and physically. I loved it so much I’m actually going to repeat it all over again!”
- Kate, somerset (UK)
Are You Up For The 7 Day Challenge?
Let's build your core strength!
and become stronger, more flexible and pain-free 
Starts on Monday 11th March!
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